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My Mission is

to create a ripple of better leaders who care and lead with impact

Developing Authentic Leaders who...


about themselves and their teams, a ‘safe harbour in a storm’.


to take risks and encourage others to do the same through caring and trusting.


with themselves and others with empathy and understanding.

Accept and value

their own potential and strengths as well as others, cultivating a positive secure environment for growth and development.


through intrinsic motivation, focusing on learning and reflection, not blaming.

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Mission statement

“My passion and goal through my coaching, and life for that matter, is to create a ripple. If I can touch the lives of a few along the way, create a ripple of better leaders, people who genuinely care for each other, then I’ve fulfilled my purpose”.

Nathalie Britten, Shanduko Rwendo

My Coaching Approach

My clients take centre stage, each individual brings their own distinctive personality, unique set of challenges, and personal goals to the forefront. My approach doesn’t rely on a one-size-fits-all formula, and I steer clear of cookie-cutter methodologies. While I draw from various coaching techniques and practices, my approach is highly adaptable, experiential and tailored to the unique needs and objectives of my client. My years of experience have given me the tools to assess and determine what will work best for each individual.

Whether we delve into leadership coaching, career development, or life coaching, my initial focus is always on the person behind the journey. Through open and meaningful conversations, we aim to uncover your authentic self: your core values, belief systems, driving forces, strengths, motivations; what truly defines you. Though coaching is distinct from therapy, we may occasionally delve into your past experiences to gain insights into the early influences that have shaped you. Recognising these powerful catalysts often sheds light on the recurring patterns in our lives, which is crucial for personal growth.

Our journey together involves a deep exploration of your individuality and the dynamic interactions between you, your surroundings, and, in the context of leadership coaching, your team or organisation.

Sometimes, clients may have reservations about whether coaching is the right path for them. If you find yourself in this position, I encourage you to engage in a commitment-free conversation with me. Let’s embark on this exploration together to see whether my coaching is aligned with you.

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Through connection, your own authentic leadership style will develop and shine through, allowing you to lead with confidence. This clarity, understanding and strengthening of bonds gives you a secure foundation to truly reach your potential and inspire others. 


Once you understand your strengths, acknowledge your areas for growth, and recognize any blind spots, you will be connected more deeply with yourself. Only then can you authentically connect with others, leading with genuine impact and influence.


Give yourself the space to think, reflect, and talk things out. Find your bearings – where you are now, and where you're aiming to go. These moments of self-discovery and conversation can be the compass guiding you straight to your goals.

Values that guide my coaching

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Discover your true self and embrace that individual. Identify your core values and what truly matters to you. It's a lot simpler to navigate social connections when you're genuine, rather than putting on a façade. When you authentically express yourself, others will naturally gravitate towards you.


Have genuine respect for both yourself and others. There's so much to gain from embracing new perspectives, welcoming diverse opinions, and being open to constructive feedback. As long as we keep the lines of communication respectful and our minds open, I truly believe that the sky's the limit.


Ah, the beauty of freedom! Having the liberty to pursue our desires, act authentically, and just be ourselves is like unlocking a whole new level of living. It's about breaking free from any confines that others or our surroundings might impose. When we can fully embrace this freedom – to do, to express, to exist as our true selves – that's when life takes on its most vibrant and exhilarating course.


We all crave the company of people in our lives, each in varying degrees. After all, who would we be without our tribe – our family, friends, partners, and teammates? Bonding and sharing experiences together is what truly enriches our lives, benefiting each and every one of us.

Passion and Joy

There's a special kind of energy that ignites when we get to tackle things that we love – our excitement and passion soar. The sheer enjoyment becomes a natural motivator, infusing a sense of fun into what we do. Incorporating more joy and laughter into both our personal and professional spheres truly transforms our productivity.