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Lead yourself
Lead yourself

with authenticity, impact and joy

Hi, I’m Nathalie Britten and I work with smart, driven people who want to unleash their extraordinary potential and achieve greater success. 

Great leadership begins with understanding yourself

For over a decade, this is exactly what I have done, offering value to people by exploring and cultivating the potential in them. My direct, yet supportive curiosity gives clients a safe environment in which they can develop self-awareness, clarity and direction that will drive transformational change and lead to personal and professional fulfilment. 

Through support and guidance, I empower individuals to recognise the untapped potential within themselves and challenge the overthinking and self-limiting beliefs holding them back from becoming great leaders.

I also support teams and businesses to understand their dynamics, maximise performance, trust and communication in service of meaningful organisational goals.

Connecting with yourself and others is the key to leadership development

Work with me

Leadership Coaching

Tailored to your unique challenges and goals, 1-to-1 coaching sessions provide a safe space for exploration and growth, supporting you to become an authentic, effective and better leader.

Team Coaching

Understand your team’s dynamics and unleash their potential by nurturing diversity, trust, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. Build a high-performance team that consistently achieves.

Career Coaching

A transformational career coaching programme that guides you from uncertainty to clarity, from career doubts to a bright, clear path and an actionable plan for professional and personal fulfilment.

Life Coaching

A life-changing programme of self-discovery and exploration that empowers you to live life to the fullest, achieve your goals and flourish with genuine purpose, happiness and fulfilment. 

Learn how to become a better leader

Explore and Navigate Together

Together we explore who you are, your strengths & weaknesses, values, the environment you navigate and the roles you play. With clarity you can eliminate blind spots and reach your goals.

Challenge your beliefs.

Through empathy and dialogue, we’ll challenge the self-limiting beliefs, doubts and fears that hold you back. As we explore your assumptions and uncover more of your potential, a renewed mindset will open doors to growth and progress.

Safe and Non-judgemental

As part of the process, we investigate areas you usually wouldn’t go and answer questions, assumptions and beliefs that are often challenging to confront. In a confidential, safe and judgment-free environment, you can allow yourself to explore these with openness.

Take action

Together, we'll create practical actions and strategies so that you can lead with joy, impact and confidence and truly connect with yourself and others.

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MY mission

Creating a ripple of better leaders

My mission is simple. I want to help successful people achieve positive and lasting change for themselves and those they interact with. Whether I am working with individuals or teams, I support people to truly live and work with passion and enjoyment, building genuine connections that not only benefit workplace performance but have a positive impact in all aspects of their lives. With over a decade of experience supporting people to overcome limiting beliefs and reach their full potential, I do this because I want to create a ripple that not only changes the lives of those that I coach, but also inspires those around them. 

Client Voices

Monika Trübl Sika Group client testimonial headshot
Monika Trübl
Head Corporate Talent Management, Sika Group
Kully Boden Derby County Council client testimonial headshot
Kully Boden
Service Manager, Highways Maintenance, Derby County Council
Dr. Sven Jungmann Halitus GmbH client testimonial headshot
Dr. Sven Jungmann
CEO & Co-Founder, Halitus GmbH

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